WG Column | Domestic Burglaries & Police Cuts

Over recent weeks there has been an increase in the number of domestic burglaries in Warrington South.


Following meetings with concerned constituents, local councillors and Cheshire Police, it has become clear that the burglaries are specifically targeting members of Ethnic Minority communities with the primary aim for gold, cash and jewellery.


I am deeply concerned by the reports I have received and since the incidents began I have been working closely with the communities affected as well as the police, to help in any way I can. 


Understandably, this spate of crime is causing concern and many residents have been left feeling unsafe. This feeling was shared by nearly 200 constituents present at the meetings I have attended on this issue.


While insured valuables can be replaced, the psychological damage and trauma to victims and their families will always remain.


I remain deeply concerned about this matter and fully committed to ensuring that the people of Ethnic Minorities, and indeed residents from all communities, feel safe within their own homes.  


Visible community policing is vital to crime prevention and so it is  troubling to read the latest crime figures for this year, which show that police numbers are now at the lowest level in three decades.


In the North West, since 2010, we have lost over 4,000 police officers and over 600 police community support officers.


In the face of central government funding cuts comes the increase in recorded crime.


Since 2010 crime in Cheshire has increased by 32% and domestic burglaries have increased by 31%.


This is no coincidence.


Our hardworking frontline police officers are working night and day to catch those responsible for the recent spate of burglaries in Warrington and I want to commend them for their work. However, cuts to policing budgets are leaving our police officers fighting hard to keep the public safe with fewer officers per head than ever before.


It is high time this Government took notice and understood how their cuts to budgets are affecting key issues like combatting crime. 


I have written to the Prime Minister about the spate of targeted burglaries in Warrington South and I have urged her to look again at cuts to police budgets to make sure that we have enough police officers to keep our streets safe.

Read: my letter to the Prime Minister here

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