WG Column | Faisal talks on Election Victory

Since being elected I have been asked lots of questions by constituents and friends. Here is a small selection of what I have been asked and my answers.

Did I expect to win?

Right at the start I told people I could win but I knew it was going to be difficult especially when you consider Labour’s standing in the opinion polls.

How did it feel when you won?

As the votes were counted I was very tense. At first it was neck and neck but slowly I edged in front. When the Returning Officer announced the result it was astonishing. I felt what an achievement but also what a responsibility.

What was it like walking into Parliament for the first time?

Awe inspiring and humbling.  The building is magnificent and steeped in history. Entering Westminster as an MP for the first time brought me back down to earth. I realised that Parliament is now my place of work. Many great people have served in Parliament and I now have to make my mark representing the electors of Warrington South.

Were you pleased with your Maiden Speech?

I sat in the House of Commons for over 4 hours before being called to speak in the debate on the Queen’s Speech. There was a 6-minute time limit on speeches and I had a lot of points to make. I managed to cover most of the issues I wanted to. It was a relief to make my maiden speech during my first week.

What is your next Parliamentary challenge?

There is still a lot to learn about how the House of Commons works. Hopefully I won’t have long to wait before Mr Speaker calls me to ask my first question at Prime Minister’s Questions.

What is your next constituency challenge?

We face many challenges like the Local Plan, West Warrington Station, School funding, tolls on the Halton bridges and there are many issues to take up on behalf of constituents. I will be proactive and I will be out and about across the constituency.

Since being elected I have spent over 20 days at Westminster and following the start of parliamentary recess I have had over 40 appointments with constituents, meetings and local events and received over 2,000 emails and letters.

Following a successful launch, my constituency office is now open and my team are happy to help with any issues.

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