WG Column | Faisal’s thoughts on Western Link & Local Plan PDO

BOTH the Warrington Western Link and the Local Plan Preferred Development Option could potentially have huge implications for us all, for decades to come.

Over recent months, I have been contacted by many local people who have raised concerns about the proposals and I have attended meetings to hear the views of as many people as possible.

I requested an extension of the Local Plan consultation deadline and the council has extended the consultation deadline for residents and parish councils to September 29.

Our town is thriving and that means a growing number of people want to live, work and run businesses here. While we need to meet these needs and we want our local economy to prosper, this must be achieved in a way that works within the parameters of what is best for our town.

Proposals for future development must be balanced and they must support both the current and future needs of Warrington residents. Plans for our town should not press ahead with development at the expense of a good quality of life for current residents.

Like many of the constituents who have contacted me, I have concerns about proposals in the Local Plan and for the Western Link.

I have concerns about proposals that could see people lose their homes. I have concerns about proposals that could see the loss of our much-valued green open spaces which offer so much to our communities.

Wherever possible our green spaces must be protected from development.

I have concerns about the impact that such a significant increase in homes in south Warrington, and the likely increase in cars, could have on air quality and traffic congestion.

The Local Plan will shape the future of our town. The involvement of Warrington residents in shaping these proposals is crucial.

To enable more people to have their say, I asked Warrington Borough Council to hold an additional consultation event at the Park Royal Hotel, Stretton on Monday between 3pm and 8pm. This will be an opportunity to get more information and ask questions of council officers. I will be at the event throughout the day.

As the local MP, I will be speaking out on behalf of constituents on these issues. I will fight to ensure that the proposals coming forward are what is best for our town.

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